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Which formantics Painting was selected to match with the Dulux 2018 Colour Forecast?

Each Year the Dulux team wow us with their colour forecast based on vigorous international research. This year is no exception with an emphasis on harnessing the power of colour to achieve balance in our busy lives.

I love the selection of products NZ Designer Tina from Roomie has chosen to match with the 2018 Dulux Escapade paint palette!  Thanks so much for including my painting in your edit Tina. Also check out that sumptuous mustard chair by You can find out more about these products over at 

 The formantics painting "Counterpoise' reflects the warm tones and playful nature of the Escapade 2018 colour range perfectly. No negative vibes here!

 As an artist I am constantly moved by the ability of colour to affect our senses and transform space, (whether it be within or out of the picture frame). Well known American Painter Ellsworth Kelly, has always inspired me for his ability to use colour as a bodily experience.  Kelly encourages a kind of silent encounter, or bodily participation by the viewer with the artwork, chiefly by presenting bold and contrasting colours free of gestural brushstrokes or recognizable imagery, panels protruding gracefully from the wall, and irregular forms inhabiting space as confidently as the viewer before them.

Pink and Orange from the series Line Form Colour Ellsworth Kelly (American, born 1923) Museum of Modern Art.

Bree Leech, the Creative Director for Dulux Forecast has certainly achieved a bodily experience by creating colour installations which invigorate and excite the senses. She also demonstrates the on going trend of blurring the boundaries between the creative disciplines. Is it a art? Is it interior design? Does it make us feel? YES!

If I was to pick my favourite palette from the Dulux forecast it would be Kinship.

I'm in love with the contrast of cool greens against the warm terracotta and the way this palette grounds us in nature. Not to mention all those gorgeous ceramics!! Remember terracotta and green from the late 90s? So much better this time round!

These are my formantics faves to go with the Kinship palette.

Original Painting Pink Slip 2017 - $550

Terracotta and Pink Ceramics $25 - $95

Print Orange Crush 2016, from $59

Available at The Poi Room soon!, Auckland $45 - $95

Original Painting Strip that Down 2017 $650

The Dulux Colour forecast is put together every year by the talented team at Dulux which includes Andrea Lucena -Orr, Bree Leech and Davina Harper.  



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