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I'm off to the The NZ Quartz Awards!!

The NZ Quartz Awards. Whanganui - September 25 2018 - March 2019.
I'm very excited to announce that that this work has been selected to be exhibited at the Whanganui Museum of Studio Ceramics as part of the Quartz Awards. The prize money is a whopping $10,000 so keep you fingers crossed for me! A friend suggested I apply and I thought, "I probably won't get through to the exhibition ..... but I have nothing to lose!!" I have written a little bit about the concept for this work below. 
The Theatre Of Clay by Susan Christie 2018
This work is inspired by human group dynamics and reflects my curiosity in how spatial relationships impact on our senses and behaviour. My clay vessels or 'actors' are a formal exploration of shape, colour, volume and composition. They come together creating a sense of space that allude to family relationships and personalities.
I am interested in creating ceramics objects which merge creative disciplines such as set design, theatre, fashion and art history.  By drawing on multiple influences, the intent is for my clay vessels to emerge as something new yet retain a sense of the familiar. 

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