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Design Space - Alex Fulton tells us why she loves ceramics

Design Space: Alex Fulton tells why she loves ceramics
Last updated 17:22, April 12 2017

Interior designer Alex Fulton says ceramics are the new decor cool kids
Every week we ask a Kiwi design expert to tell us what they're loving now and how to use it. This week it's Blenheim's Alex Fulton of Alex Fulton Design, who tells us why ceramics are the new cool kids in interiors. Honed, couture, homemade or chic pottery pieces are popping up everywhere from the styled pages of magazines to the social images of Instagram.

NZ-based designer of prints and ceramics by Susan Christie with some of her art school artworks.  INSTAGRAM/ FORMANTICS

Potters are cool and so are their wares – I was even hooked with the British television series The Great Pottery Throwdown.  Who knew you could regularly cry over bisqued forms.

Personally, I have been a fan forever, ever since I first learnt what West German pottery was and have since been a huge fan of these highly decorative, usually garish, colour-infested and various sized pots.
Monochromotic espresso cups Makerie can double as planters.  MAKERIE CERAMICS / INSTAGRAM   
As avid collector, I now have enough pots to ensure that any I can cope with any size of bouquet.  My collection did dwindle a little (read a lot) after the many earthquakes that seen to follow me around the countryside, but that hasn't stopped me curating my collection. 

Designer tableware from ceramic artist Yon Kavvas who creates functional and
beautifully crafted pieces. CLAY BIRD CERAMICS / INSTAGRAM
We are lucky to have a bunch of clever local potters to tap into here in New Zealand as well as a bunch from our cousins over the ditch in Australia. And of course social media delivers a ongoing load of worldwide goodies that we can drool over too.

Colour inspiration from Auckland based Holly Houston.  HOLLY HOUSTON CERAMICS/ INSTAGRAM
Ceramics come in many forms, shapes, sizes. There's no rule and making ceramics is such a long process that there's room for all sorts of variation. That's great for us consumers.   

Australian-based artist Ruby Pilven's work references a Japanese pottery technique
called Nerikomi. This means she hand builds with coloured clay rather than glazes
all with a touch of gold. RUBY PILVEN CERAMICS / INSTAGRAM                                                      
Some of my favourite homegrown ceramicists include Formantics, Makerie Ceramics, Claybird Ceramics, Thea Ceramics, Holly Houston Ceramics, Mae Ceramics and Ceramics College.

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