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Exciting news!!! I am moving to a bigger studio.  Your orders will be shipped on Monday 21 June. Happy shopping. Susan xx

Sold Out Dress Code
Sold Out Tartan Tart - Blue and Mustard
Sold Out Oscillate in Pink
Sold Out Sculptural Stack
Dark Green Scalloped Vessel (med)
Sold Out Dark Blue Scalloped Vessel (med)
Sold Out Sassy Yellow Wiggle Vessel
Sold Out Oh Pretty One - With Red Stripes
Blue and White Striped Platter
Sold Out Buff Dot Pot
Sold Out Tartan Tart - Pink and Red
Retro Vessel  #5
Sold Out Vessel  #4
Sale La Femme - Limited Edition
Sale Sold Out Blue and Mustard Striped Vessel - Limited Edition
Sale Sold Out Artful Objects - Speckled Grey Ikebana Vessel
Sale Sold Out Rainbow Poppy
Sale Sold Out Sea Poppy
Sale Sold Out Artful Object - Speckled Grey Incense Holder.
Sale Artful Objects - Terracotta Ikebana Vessel
Sold Out Terracotta Dot Pot
Sale Artful Object in Terracotta - Incense Holder (one hole)
Sale Sold Out Artful Object - Incense holder in Buff
Sale Silhouette #2